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Welcome to Bed & Breakfast De Groene Mus!

We will first introduce ourselves. We are Ron van Breukelen and Ineke Buijsman.
Ron owns Onestep, a software company. And Ineke had a daycare center until recently. Ineke will soon welcome you to the B&B.

More than 4 years ago we moved from Medemblik to Bungalowpark De Vlietlanden, in Wervershoof.
We now live in a beautiful spot at the back of the park, by the water.
We enjoy this beautiful place every day. We have a spacious garden with several terraces. It is wonderfully quiet and there are many different types of birds in the garden.

Because we enjoy this place so much, we would like to share it with other people. When Ineke stopped her daycare, we therefore decided to start a B&B on our top floor.

Our B&B is completely vegan. This means that we do not use animal materials and that the breakfast is also completely plant-based.

Ron has been a vegetarian all his life and has been a convinced vegan for a number of years. Ineke eats vegan at home.

We like to share our experiences with others and to show and taste that vegan life is very easy and above all delicious.

Everyone is welcome in our B&B

Sustainability is also very important to us. Our house has solar panels, we have a heat pump and we separate our waste. The B&B is furnished as much as possible with second-hand furniture, which we have refurbished ourselves.

De Groene Mus stands for cosiness, hospitality, nature, sustainability and veganism.

Come and experience it!



The beautiful West Friesland

De Groene Mus is located 4 km from the beautiful town of Medemblik, near the IJsselmeer. Our B&B is located on open waterways, not far from the Grote Vliet.

We have a large garden on the water, with various cozy seating areas. There are many birds to spot in the garden.

Beautiful places

Beautiful, historic towns in our area that you really should visit; Medemblik, Opperdoes, Twisk, Enkhuizen and Hoorn.
For people who want to travel a little further; Amsterdam is 45 km from the B&B and Alkmaar is 28 km away.
Well-known places such as Volendam, Marken and Zaanse Schans are also within a radius of 40 km from De Groene Mus.
Our B&B is located 60 km from Schiphol.


Along the IJsselmeer is a beautiful and large walking area with various beaches and places to eat and drink.
The West-Frieslandpad is a 10-minute walk from the Groene Mus.
From our B&B there are also several beautiful walks. We are happy to inform you about this.


In the area you can enjoy cycling through all the beautiful towns and villages and along the IJsselmeer. West Friesland is beautiful! And because there are many landscaped cycle paths, it is ideal for cycling through.

Do you want to rent a bicycle? Then we can get you Bicycle rental Medemblik recommend.
It is useful to call this in advance, so that (if this is possible) the bicycles are ready for you at the B&B.


The IJsselmeer is the place for water sports. There is a lot of sailing and surfing. In Medemblik is the Regatta center, where major sailing competitions are held.
Besides the IJsselmeer, there are many ditches and lakes in the area where you can sail. Whisper boats are rented in the bungalow park where the B&B is located.


Museums nearby are the Dutch Steam Machine Museum, the Bakery Museum, Radboud Castle and of course the Museum Steam Tram, which goes from Hoorn to Medemblik.
From Medembik you can take the boat to Enkhuizen and from there by train back to Hoorn.

Tips and links from our guests

The Auw Sjoekelaat Factory, gulp
B&B in beautiful Gulpen, not vegan but very nice and hospitable.

 Vengeance, Breukelen
Vegan dinners, catering and workshops.

 Vegetarian B&B 1889, South Limburg
Vegetarian B&B in South Limburg, vegan no problem either.

B&B De Veense Zolder, Veenendaal
Vegan B&B in Veenendaal, with 2 rooms.

OneStep, Medemblik
The creator of our beautiful website!


 Just nice, Wervershoof (here in the park)
Open every day. If you want to eat vegan you have to make a reservation a day in advance and indicate that you want to eat vegan, then they provide an excellent vegan choice.
 Oxalis, Wervershof
If you call in advance, they can prepare vegan dishes for you.

 East, Medemblik
Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 17.00 pm . Several vegan options on the menu including delicious sushi.

 With, Medemblik
Open from Wednesday to Sunday. Do you feel like Italian? At Med they have vegan pizza and pasta. You have to call in advance.

 Snacks De Kwikkel, Medemblik
De Kwinder has a beautiful terrace. Call ahead for vegan options.

 Restaurant De Driemaster, Medemblik
If you call De Driemaster in advance, they can prepare delicious vegan tapas.

 Snacks Rumors, Medemblik
Rumors has a vegan curry. This one is also very tasty with fries!

 Frederique, Medemblik
Frederique has a vegan burger with fries.

Snacks at home, Medemblik
This is not actually a restaurant, but a caterer. They provide vegan tapas, pies, high tea and snack boxes. You can call in advance or order via the website.

 The mail, Midwood
Here you can order vegan Surinamese roti. It is useful to call ahead.

 Cafe Goos, Horn NH
Here are many vegan options on the menu!

Radboud Castle, Medemblik NH
Great vegan lunch with soup and vegan sandwich.

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